Liquid soap

Liquid soap

Liquid Soap in a pump bottle

Pure natural liquid soap – made with the same ingredients as the bars, but with a different catalyst to start the soapmaking reaction, giving a paste instead of a bar.

The Liquid Soap is perhaps slightly thinner than proprietary blends, but contains no chemical bulking agents.

If you happen to notice a very thin, clear layer developing along the bottom, after a few weeks standing, this is just natural separation, and you can shake it together again.

For best results, give it a little shake each week …!
Both sizes are available in the following flavours:-

RHUBARB CRUSH – A slightly pale-pink liquid, scented with a tart rhubarb fragrance, with a hint of orange. Identical to the Rhubarb Crush soap bars.

MARSH ORCHID – A very pale mauve liquid, fragranced with a radiant, top-note rich floral perfume, with a citrus edge. Identical to the Marsh Orchid soap bars.

SEA NYMPH – A pale-blue liquid, heavy on juniper, with the crisp, airy, ‘blue’ smell of sea air. Identical to the Sea Nymph soap bars.

SANDALWOOD – A stone-white liquid, scented with a woody, yet fragrant and aromatic sandalwood fragrance.

ROSE LEODHAIS – A stone-white liquid, scented with a crisp, slightly (though not overpoweringly) syrupy, floral rose fragrance.
Identical to the Rose Leodhais soap bars.

VELVET ANTLERS – A pale earthy-green coloured liquid, fragranced with green forest scents, with a spicy cinnamon, cardamom and clove?undertone. Identical to the Velvet Antler soap bars.

LAVENDER & LIME – A stone-white liquid, scented with Lavender and Lime essential oils. Identical to the Lavender and Lime soap bars.

FRANKINCENSE & ORANGE SPICE – The fragrance colours this liquid a creamy pale beige. Identical to the Frankincense & Orange Spice soap bars.

GREEN APPLE – A pale green liquid, scented with a crisp, tart Apple fragrance. Identical to the Little Green Apples soap bars.

SERIOUSLY CITRUS – A pale yellow liquid, scented with lemon and lime essential oils. Warning: this liquid is *seriously* citrussy …!

MACHAIR FLOWER – A pale-pink liquid, scented with geranium, palmarosa and lavender essential oils. Identical to the Machair Flower soap bars.



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