Palm Oil Policy

Sustainable palm oil logo

Sustainable palm oil logo

My business has always been formulated along ethical lines, even when the plunder of the rainforests and orang-utan habitat was only just emerging into the public spotlight about a year after I started my Company (in 2002) …

I have always cared where my ingredients came from …

In 2008 the problem began to gain more of the public spotlight, and on enquiring urgently again with my supplier, I was assured that sourcing of their palm oil had always been ethically carried out, from plantations which were ?sustainable?, but that there was no certification available at that time, and as my supplier was already a member, I applied to join the RSPO organisation (, early in 2010, so I would be able to declare my palm oil as sustainable.

That membership takes a long time to complete, as there has been a weighty scramble amongst the more green-minded to take part, and a great deal of investigation has to take place for each membership, but as of May 2010, I have been accepted for membership.

My base oil supplier does not purchase palm oil products from Sinar Mas, PT Dutapalma Nusantra, PT Darmex Agro or any other company belonging to these groups. In 2009, they sourced almost 90% of their palm oil from origins other than Malaysia and Indonesia and carefully select raw material suppliers with whom they look to have longer term trading relationships.

They are a founder member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and have actively worked to promote sustainable production of palm oil for a number of years. In 2008, they brought the first shipment of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) to Europe and have since worked closely with suppliers and the RSPO to increase the volume of CSPO supplied to the UK. They supply leading food manufacturers with CSPO for use in many major food brands and a wide selection of retailer own-label products. They have also launched the first certified sustainable brand of palm oil in the UK, Akopalma SG, in a variety of pack formats.