Hebridean Trilogy Candle set


A set of three small candles (70g each approx), in square glass pots, which captures the scents of our islands.



A memory of your holiday.

A set of three candles in glass pots, which capture the scents of the islands:-


A low-lying super-fertile plain found on the edges of the sea, nourished by shell fragments, seaweed and trace elements from the sea.

For a few weeks in the summer our Machair supports a wonderful carpet of wildflowers, including wild gentian and the Hebridean Orchid. We use geranium fragrance in the candle.



Many island people use peat for fuel.

Peat-banks are cut by hand in Spring, the thick turf slabs piled up and left to dry in the sun.

At the end of summer they are brought home, and arranged into big, neat peat-stacks, to be burned over winter.

They produce a distinctive thick, aromatic, mossy aroma when burned



Wherever we turn, the ocean is there …

Sometimes glittering, sometimes wild and relentless.

It changes every day, but always remains.

This candle is heavy on juniper flavour, to give a freshness reminiscent of the sea …