*new* – Shampoo Bar


A 75g soap-based Shampoo bar, made with Castor oil, golden jojoba oil, and panthenol.



I have been trying to use less plastic recently, and not totally liking the ingredients list on bottles of shampoo, I decided to make a soap-based Shampoo bar, with extra Castor oil for shine, golden jojoba oil for hair protection and promoting hair growth, and a little Panthenol, or Vitamin B5 to protect hair from damage.

It washes hair wonderfully, leaving it ‘squeaky-clean’, ready for your usual conditioner. I use a leave-in conditioner before drying my hair …

You can either wet and rub the bar itself on your hair to create a lather, or rub the wetted bar in your hands, and transfer the lather to your hair …

It’s great for taking on camping trips, or putting in rucksacks, but in a pinch, can happily be used on the face and body too …

We have only one floral flavour for now, but there may be more additions later – different flavours, and a bar with cosmetic clay included, are also planned for the future.

The bar weighs 75g. Wrapped in plain silicone paper and labelled.