My hand-made soaps retain all their glycerin!

About our soap

All of my soaps have their own Consumer Street-cred
They have been certified for production by an independent analytical chemist.
Registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
They all conform to the relevant EU Directives for Cosmetic Products.
Absolutely NO products in my range contain animal fats, nor have they been tested on, or involved cruelty to, animals.
Our palm and other vegetable oils are ethically-sourced and sustainable (for more information on our palm oil policy click here)


Mass-produced Soap is exactly that: soap produced on a mass scale, using economically-priced ingredients.

When producing soap on such a large scale, using ?assembly-line? technology, it becomes necessary to include additives in the mixture to ease the manufacturing and storage process.

If you are prone to allergies or skin conditions, some of the additives in Mass-produced Soap may make your condition worse.

If you just have dry skin prone to sensitivity, Mass-Produced Soaps may irritate your skin.

During the manufacture of Mass-Produced Soaps, Glycerin is produced and is either washed away with the other waste products, or it is extracted and sold on to the food or cosmetics industry.

This is an enormous loss – Glycerin is a natural moisturiser for the skin, and its removal is one of the reasons why Mass-Produced Soap can have such a drying effect on the skin.

At the Hebridean Soap Company I only use high-quality everyday ingredients in my Soap:

  • Coconut Oil to give it a rich, luxurious, moisturising lather.
  • Pure Essential Oils for their glorious scents.
  • A range of natural and approved pigments for colour.
  • And ?Angels Tears? – the wonderfully soft (and abundant!) Lewis rainwater, that falls softly over the hills.
  • The Peppermint and Comfrey herbs I use come from my own garden.

Because my soap is mixed by hand, then poured and moulded in the traditional way, there is no need to add the chemical substances which traditionally aid the manufacturing process.
The lack of additives means my Soap has a gentle cleansing action.

My hand-Made Soaps, retain all their Glycerin,

….. so go on, treat yourself,
and give your thirsty skin a long cool drink !