Shop now only open in the mornings, for Winter
Appointments to visit may also be made by phone or email, in advance.

Winters greetings to everyone, we’re not quite at the solstice yet, but I just thought I’d share this lovely piece of painting on the page … Winter Solstice Song by Amanda Clark


I have decided to change our opening times for the winter. Up until now we have stayed open until closing at christmas,  re-opening in February, which has been fine, because there’s always little pieces of work to do between these times to make sure that everyone who wants soap can be supplied … And I never wanted to be one of those ‘seasonal-opening’ companies, because I found it confusing, as a consumer …

But you see, I don’t have staff 24/7 in the shop at this time of the year, so I cover the rest of the time myself, even when I’ve finished the work that needs doing.

Being mainly a tourist-facing business, we hardly get any footfall at all at this time of the year, and it is no longer sensible for the shop to stay open to visitors all day. We may still work inside the workshop, when we have to, but equally, we may not be there, so ideally, I would rather say that we’re closed in the afternoons for the rest of November and December this year.

But how to circulate this change so that people know … I will update Google Business opening hours, of course, but I know not everyone uses that. Also I will alter my Opening Times notice on the shop to say that you may visit by appointment, made in advance by phone or email, but we are only definitely ‘Open’ in the mornings, 10am – 1pm for the rest of November and December.